Casual look with minimal colour palette sometimes can make everything more interesting if you do not forget the right footwear and accessories. Wide leg and tapered trousers this season are trying to win over slim fit and skinny jeans. It's a must have for those who like more casual and comfortable look. Big trend is cropped trousers that gives a chance to show off your sneakers. 

For those rainy spring days all black outfit could be the best option. It gives you a smart and confident look for any occasion. Fine leather jacket paired with a small cross body bag are the best key pieces in a single colour look.

During the spring/summer season we will see more looks like this. Smart casual style is best way to look smart and feel comfortable at the same time. Perfectly matched dark grey and black colours shows a smart style. During the warm season you can choose cropped smart trousers to look even more casual.

In some places spring season seems that is never going to start and winter coats could still be used any day. Those two looks are the perfect example of how to match your winter coat for urban and more formal style. Couple layers of clothing, hats, scarfs and other accessories won't make your look too overdressed as long as you bring the right amount of colours to your look.

For early spring days scarf can still be a life-saver for girls. To your all black outfit it could bring more variety and fun depending on what colour or print your scarf is. Like every piece of your clothing scarf should also be bought with a consideration because that is one of those items that can bring attention to your look.

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