Another season this will be our favourite jacket. If that is your first one, try a classic aviator version from Alpha Industries. For an everyday look you can take the casual oversized fit design or more fitted version if you are going out. Brands and designers have made hundreds of different designs during couple seasons so you definitely have options in bomber jackets with different colours, designs, prints and cuts. Make sure to find your favourite embroidered satin bomber jacket because this season it's a definite a hot piece.


If you already have biker jacket and too many bomber jackets, try another type of outwear for this season. Harrington jackets with spread collar could be the best choice to bring more militaristic style in your wardrobe. You can either choose in a plain khaki colour with minimally decorated patches or in a camouflage print. Also you can bring more militaristic style to your look with ankle boots, khaki, green and sand coloured pieces. 


Monochrome look is not only about black and white this season. You can choose more colours from the palette for the neutral look. You can have fun with different proportions and cuts while creating your neutral casual style. If you are aiming for this style then you should forget about layering and stick to just to couple of pieces in your outfit. This neutral style definitely doesn't look basic and plain. Different cut and shape pieces makes everything more interesting.


Formal style has becoming less strict in the last seasons. We have already been teaming suits with sneakers without any  guilt. Now brands are trying to bring more casual approach to formal wear. A mix of casual style and formality is being made by mixing formal suits with clothing pieces as t-shirts and jumpers. This is a best option for people who like to dress up but at the same time be comfortable.


Urban style has been always a huge trend in men's collections. It is a casual, fun and in a way irresponsible style when you are not afraid to mix different pieces and styles in one look. This season's a must have bomber jacket will be your key item in this style. Match it with a pair of joggers and trainers for comfortable and casual look. It is a huge trend in the streets all over the world and sometimes you start to see same looks and pieces every single time. Try to find something different for your outfits that would stand out of the crowd. 

This spring and summer season will definitely be interesting in the streets and in the stores as well. There are many upcoming and ongoing trends that it is quite difficult to keep up with everything.
No one needs to blindly follow the trends in order to look good. All the trends and fashion shows suppose to help us to find and create our own style. It gives us inspiration and then we just need to try different styles and clothing pieces until we find what fits us the best and what makes us feel good. 

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