It is finally summer. Time for shorts, tank tops, rolled up sleeves and trousers, sunglasses, swim shorts and many more summer essentials. Might sound really frightening to update your summer wardrobe but you do not need to buy everything every year. Stripes and floral prints will always be trendy, I am sure you still have some plain t-shirts and tank tops. Invest only in high quality sunglasses and couple pairs of shoes and you are ready to enjoy your summer.
White linen shirt is a must for everyone during the warm season. It goes very well either with jeans or chino shorts. You can roll up your sleeves for a more casual look. Summer is a time when you can invest more into accessories for example high quality sunglasses, bracelets and watches.
Let's try not to be boring during the summer. This is the best time of the year to play with colours, prints and see how everything works together. Make sure you have something bright and printed and the best example would be floral print shirt that you can throw on plain grey or white t-shirt. 
Summer it's not all about tank tops and shorts all the time. During the evenings and especially if you are going out somewhere make sure that you dress up properly. Find a plain bomber or lightweight jacket that you could match with your outfits and would be perfect for layering. Together with jeans you can go for boat style of shoes or moccasins. 
Loads of plain colour t-shirts, couple good quality trousers and shoes might be all that we need during the summer in the city but everything is not that easy. There is nothing bad about rolling up your trousers that will only make your outfit even better. For an everyday bag try to find something different from what you wear during the winter season to make your look more 'summery'. 
 Try to have some statement pieces, more different that you wear usually to make your look more fun and different from others. That could be irregular cut blazer or bright colour shoes. Shoes might work the best if you're trying to achieve more memorable look. It is very easy to spot them and they will definitely make your look more fun.
Another must have for summer season is sandals. It might be quite tricky to wear them in the city but as long as they are not flip flops, you will be fine. Try many different styles until you find the perfect ones and always go for real leather sandals. During the hot season skinny trousers become really annoying and uncomfortable so it is better to look for more oversized fit trousers or jogger in a thinner material. 
 Stripes and marine style will always be a thing during the spring/summer season. Make sure you do not try too hard with this style. Having a striped t-shirt is enough and you can match with jeans in any colours, shorts and even chinos. 

It might be quite easy to dress up during the summer but you need to remember what is appropriate in certain places and situations. Have a look at street style inspirations online and watch how people dress up in the streets. Remember, if your body is not ready for summer your wardrobe could be prepared much faster for that season.

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