When going to the gym, running outside, playing basketball or anything we do to make ourselves active we never forget about clothing and style. Sometimes when you hit the gym you feel that there is a certain fashion show around with people demonstrating their fresh sneakers and new clothing. However, this is not why we buy our clothes for exercising. And everyone can agree that it is really expensive. It should be all about the comfort and making yourself felling good in those clothes because everyone knows that fresh pair of sneakers or anything new in your sports clothing gives you more motivation to work on yourself.

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Speaking about the sports clothing you do not need to keep up with fashion and follow all the trends from sports brands. As long as the item is in good condition and enhances your performance you can still wear it and there is no need to buy something new. Unless you started to take sport seriously and cannot live without buying something new for you workout. I know personally how it is when you have more clothes for your workouts than for everyday.

Weather is everything when you are exercising outside. You must check the weather before you start thinking what you are going to wear. Wearing too much when it is quite warm or not enough when it is cold outside can really affect your workout. That is why you need to know yourself and when it is too cold for you or if it is okay to wear only t-shirt outside. With the latest innovations from biggest sports brands it becomes easy to exercise outside. You can find a piece of clothing that will make you warm when you need but you won't feel hot when it is warm outside.

If you just starting to exercise and you are on the budget do not spend the money on expensive clothing from Nike or Adidas. You can find really good sports clothing in mostly any high street brand. Topman, H&M and even Zara have their sports clothing collections. First it is better to invest money on good quality sneakers and gym membership. Later on you will see how your wardrobe will be full of clothing for exercising.

The thing about sports clothing is that there is a huge choice of really bright and colourful items for everyone. For example you can have a bright jacket, t-shirt and mostly everything to make your look more fun. There is no need to wear black all the time, however, do not try to over do with the colours because then you can really look strange.

Remember that sports clothing is all about the comfort. If you want you can try to be stylish but when it comes to sport, it is not a fashion show. You do not need to demonstrate your clothing for everyone because no one cares, people go to the gym to work on their bodies. Do not spent the money on things that you cannot afford, because there are always alternatives for everything and you can find anything cheaper.
Treat yourself and keep motivate yourself for the best results. 

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