This time I want to share with you more street style looks, especially when there are more people or a couple. When you have someone that you could trust by his/her sense of style and knowledge how to dress well, your style won't turn in a bad way. Have a person that you could ask any time for a fashion advice or help to browse in the stores. Trust me, it feels better when you're in the streets and both of you look at your best.

I love when people are trying to experiment with their look and not look like everyone else. If there is no dress code required in the place that you are going, why you need to stick to old style 'rules'? The suit doesn't have to be black or dark blue, you can wear brighter colours or in checked style fabric. There is no need for a tie if you do not want to but you can easily pick bright colour sunglasses to give more fun to your look.

Do not try to match everything with your couple when you are going somewhere. However, this time it looks all right. White casual shirt is definitely a must have for everyone this and every summer. Whether you are travelling or staying in the city during the warm weather, you can easily match it with any jeans or shorts and choose more interesting option for shoes like gladiator sandals. Because it is summer.

This one is my favourite looks at the moment and think most of the guys in London streets think the same way. Sports luxe trend is huge at the moment either in tumblr, runways or just in the streets. There are many ways how to rock this trend but this one is the most common one. You need to begin with bomber style jacket, find some nice looking sneakers but avoid all the trendy ones, than have loads of oversized and longline plain t-shirs and a pair of joggers or casual style loose trousers. This style is all about comfort, quality, sport inspirations and being casual. Do not try to much with accessories and other stuff as this is all about clean look and comfort.

Coat is the best statement piece that you can have during the winter season. You know that feeling when you dressed up your best outfit but you cannot show it outside because it is too cold outside to wear your coat or jacket open. Find a perfect coat that will add something to you signature look during the winter and try to look ahead of the fashion trends. It is never too early to start thinking how you want to look during winter.

If you stick to the style and the way theses guys dress in the photo, your style and clothes will be timeless and you won't have to bother listening if your clothes are not trendy. Remember, your style doesn't not have to be trendy or full of latest designer inspiration. Even if oversized especially grey coats were huge last winter and bomber jackets are still huge trend you can easily find one that will not be the same as others'. Try to match with plain clothes and do not have more than three colours in your outfit if you wanna create a  clean look.

It is fun to have matching clothes with your friend but sometimes you might look like you're from a rock band if  your outfits are too similar. It is nice to share similar taste in style with your friend but you need to have something that is yours so that people could easily recognise you from your style and not that you have a friend who dresses the same way. Nevertheless this look is one of the bests for summer in the city. All you need to have for this is good quality jeans and boots, loads of plain, basic t-shirts and a fine quality biker style leather jacket. And of course some confidence, because clothes are not enough for look good.

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