this time instead of doing a selection of different style of outfits in street style inspirations I decided to make it all about leather. Leather jackets, leather joggers, boots, and any other clothing with leather details we will always see in street style fashion. It will never be old and always be in our wardrobes. When we speak about leather all we can image is a high quality and a long time investment because everything with leather and especially leather jackets may hurt your pocket but will be in your outfits for a long time.

This is a really smart monochrome look with black chinos, blazer with leather sleeves, with a white shirt and black and white Nike Flyknits. That type of outfit can wear anyone if there is a need to dress up for a special occasion but you do not want to look too smart. You can accessorise your look with a black hat or a high quality watch on your wrist. Be careful wearing sneakers if you're going to a special place as it might be not allowed, however, it doesn't mean that it is not the right choice. There so many different brands that make high quality sneakers that could be perfectly matched with your occasion wear outfit. But firstly, have a look in your wardrobe and your sneakers can be matched with your smart outfit.

 When you do not want to make your outfit too dark with your leather jacket and dark jeans the best option is to put a white t-shirt underneath. Especially during the spring season. You can make many different outfits with any type of jeans or sneakers. Choose jeans depending on your body shape and be careful matching other clothing with your leather jacket. It might look quite easy to match everything as leather jacket is very versatile piece of clothing. However, if you put a brand new shiny leather jacket with a worn out jeans or sneakers you will not look make a good look. I am not saying to wear everything new with your jacket but make sure that everything looks nice and fresh together.

This one is a very common look in London streets and I think in the rest of the world. Leather jacket together with a black or dark grey look can make a really casual and dark look when you are not in the mood for thinking what to wear. You can make a even better all-black look with a pair of black ripped denim jeans, sneakers or leather boots. 
Wearing a leather jacket it is not always about the black colour. You can perfectly match it with many different colours and make a light spring look. Denim jeans with the white sneakers and a white casual shirt goes really well together and you can find many alternatives in your wardrobe if you do not have the same items. Washed and ripped denim is huge at the moment and you can find them everywhere if you want to have not a regular pair of jeans. 

Those two outfits might be not for everyone but with leather jackets you can do whatever you want when making your outfits. Oversized and longer line t-shirts, tapered joggers,  skinny trousers with an overskirt and many more different pieces can work well together with your leather jacket. As long as you are comfortable of what you are wearing and feel good of being different. For this type of clothing you might need to have a look a independent labels or a special collections in the high street stores.

 All in leather, why not? However, you need to know if you can pull off this look as it might fit not for everyone. This look would be more for autumn season as leather trousers goes very well with oversized or longer length chunky jumpers. However, as an alternative for spring season you can put a white t-shirt instead of this jumper. You can buy a leather or leather look backpack if you feel bored of the usual ones and want to have something different. Have a look at Zara, they have loads of leather look backpacks there. And if the real leather trousers does not suit you, you can go for coated jeans, they are still a 'thing' in high street. They can be less shiny and be more suitable for everyone. 

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