Spring/summer is everything that we are now talking about when thinking about our clothing. Sometimes summer is not coming that fast everywhere and there are times when we might need to comeback to outfits that we have wore couple months ago. Weather is really unpredictable and we need to be ready for everything. Weather should not change the way you dress up and there is no point of saving your best outfits for special occasions. More street style looks with even more suggestions of how to create your style and pull off the outfits that people are wearing.

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Best time for spring is definitely when you can leave all the jackets at home and just wear your favourite t-shirts all the time. Sometimes it gets too tiring and definitely too hot to wear different layers of clothing so I guess it is time to spend some money on good quality t-shirts that you could wear with anything. This almost all black look is simple and looks really good during the spring season. White sneakers really can brighten up your whole look. Try to find those that perfectly suits your look and most importantly your body shape. If you're short and you will try high top sneakers as in the photo, then you make yourself look even shorter. Spend some time finding what is best for you.

It is quite annoying when you kind of starting getting ready for the summer season but the weather is ruining everything and you just have to come back to your clothes from colder seasons. However it doesn't mean that when it is raining you have to look boring. Burgundy colour raincoat and fresh white sneakers definitely make a good look together. And there is definitely no bad weather for looking good. Try to find some statement piece for your outfit and do not leave your best sneakers at home just because it is raining. That is why we are buying clothes for wearing any time we want and not only for occasions or good weather.

 Those oversized dark coats are still trendy in the streets. Almost everyday you can see someone in very similar outfit. However, you definitely do not want to look like most of them. Try to add more different pieces to your look like leather bag in your hands or even a backpack, try to have couple of different layers underneath or a pair of heavy ripped jeans. Try to wear simple, plain colours with no prints at all to make a clean look when all the pieces easily work together.

Yeah, summer is approaching really fast but it doesn't men that we cannot look for inspirations and start thinking about what we will wear next season. This look is definitely one of the bests for autumn. All the colours and fabrics match perfectly together and mostly everyone can pull this look off. Oversized coats may be less popular next season, but that's even better because you won't look like everyone. Pleated and a bit loose fit trousers with a lightweight jumper is definitely a good look even for spring season.

OK, but what a man should do if he is not going to follow all the trends but still wants to look stylish and at his best. If you are not of those who follows all the trends and spends money on every upcoming fashionable item, then you need to forget about the quantity and think about the best quality items. All  you need is  a good leather jacket, couple pairs of good quality jeans, basic t-shirts, some plain jumpers and maybe something more colourful like a red tartan shirt. Basics is everything you need. Do not try experiment with clothing that you are not sure about. If you don't feel that you will wear some piece of clothing it is better not to buy and stick to the things that works best for you and your style.

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