Shoes are definitely one of the biggest addiction to people who are into fashion or just want to look good. Every season requires to have different styles of shoes for many occasions and it might look quite an expensive investment. However, if you know your style and things that you are definitely going to wear it might be easier to find best pair of shoes without spending loads of money. Knowing most common shoe sales and where to wear them will help you to manage your wardrobe, save money and most importantly look good. Let's have a look at most common shoe styles and what every man should have.

 Definitely a must have for autumn and winter season and for almost any occasion. Many different style of boots including chelsea, desert and regular boots are quite easy to match with any everyday wear look. For those of you who just starting to thinking about your style I suggest you to invest into black chelsea boots. Shoes with no laces and with a stretch panel can make a really simple look when you wear it with dark jeans or with your formalwear look. 

Chukka style boots like can really warm you during the colder season but it is still a must have for spring. If you choose your desert style shoes in a bright camel of beige colour you can definitely match it perfectly with indigo blue or bright blue jeans together with white oxford shirt on the top. 
Find your perfect style of boots and do not be afraid to spend some money on it. Real leather, high quality boots will definitely last longer than one season.

Every guy needs to have at least one pair of dress up shoes in his wardrobe. If your work doesn't require to wear a suit, it doesn't mean that you do not need to have formal wear shoes. Even if suits are not your style, there are some occasions that you need to dress up and shoes will always be one of the most important parts of your look. For the beginning have a look at oxford style shoes that are usually plain and have closed lacing. This style is the most formal for shoes so when picking up this style you won't fail. For a less formal look you can choose derby/blucher style shoes with open lacing or even monk style slip ons if you prefer shoes without the laces. All of those shoes comes in different colours, prints and styles and if you are not sure how to mix and match you look, try with navy blue and black colours.

If you want to make a casual look, you do need to wear sneakers all the time. There are much types of shoes for holidays, weekends and less formal occasions. You can choose leather, heavy soled shoes that would give a quite chunky appearance to your look and you could wear them any time of the season. Then you can think about moccasins or boat shoes if you do not like to put your feet into the laces. Those type of shoes are perfect for summer season, holidays and it goes really well either with shorts or trousers. Speaking more about summer, sandals and flip flops are irreplaceable holiday piece of clothing. But only for your holidays or anywhere where others can't see you. Last summer a huge trend started with people wearing slides with their sport style outfits. Most of them are wearing those shoes with socks, however, not everyone can pull this off. Anyway, for all types of sandals as well moccasins and boat shoes you need to leave your socks at home and do not make this mistake anywhere.

The biggest mistake that most of the people are doing is wearing athletic type of shoes outside the gym. Yes, most of them look really good with your clothes, but if you are really focusing on sports you need to get other shoes for everyday wear. Wearing gym shoes all the time will loose stability and support for your sneakers and it is more likely to get injury with worn out shoes. If you really love athletic brands you can easily find casual wear shoes that you could wear outside the gym. However, if you are looking for any basic sneakers from any brand, look at canvas style shoes. They are like Adidas Superstars or Converse sneakers with rubber sole and toe.

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