He is a house music producer, DJ and a member of Silence Family label that manages the most creative Lithuanian electronic music artists. His smooth concept of his own house music fits perfectly with other contemporary electronic artists from Silence Family. He is making remixes for different artists, regular mixes for Silence Radio but mostly he is focusing on his own projects. Even tough he's been in the music industry only since 2011, his music is starting to be recognisable. His songs are featuring more often on the radio shows including BBC and his new EP Guilt has been already officially released.

I believe that after massively successful year of 2014 there is no need to introduce Ten Walls again. Formerly known as Mario Basanov he is currently releasing music via his own Boso records label. When he started to work under the name of Ten Walls, not only his name changed, there is another approach to music in his songs. His favourite deep house genre has more instrumental elements than ever before. 
Ten Walls' touring schedule have become even busier; he has played on Mixmag, BBC Radio 1 shows, peaked at official UK charts at 6th position and he constantly receives huge support from UKs BBC Radio1. His latest release Sparta includes two songs Sparta and Blue Orphan that will be definitely his next hits. It is quite difficult to predict the future for Ten Walls, however, with this huge dedication and hard working I believe he can achieve anything.

Few Nolder started his career back in 2006 with his first release of Patterns EP, followed by his critically acclaimed debut album on 2009. During the years he have worked in many different projects in Lithuania, performed live throughout Europe and remixed many different songs. His latests release via Boso Records is a four track EP called Clouds that received many positive reviews and it's going to put him into the global stage. His music is more often featured in different radio shows and he have already made a mix for a BBC Radio 1 show. What comes next for Few Nolder?

Vidis is and an electronic music producer, DJ and founder of the Silence Family, a record label, that started to change the way Lithuanians look into electronic and dance music. He produced many hits together with Mario Basanov, later on they released their debut album Changed. Even though we haven't heard any new production from Vidis, he isn't gone from the business, as he is still working with the artists on Silence label, last year he started an online radio show called Silence Radio.

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