Flume has brought us his latest song into this year that features vocals from Andrew Wyatt, the lead singer of Miike Snow. The new song Some Minds is an official Flume's release since 2013 when he collaborated with Chet Faker. During theses year he made couple of mixes and remixes for Sam Smith, Lorde and Arcade Fire. Get ready to hear enticing vocals together with captivating sound that blends together into tone glorious tune. 

Along wit the new song, Flume has released a video for the song on Youtube via Pitchfork. New mysterious video matches the song's mood and you can see Flume himself on it.

Some Minds is available to listen on Soundcloud  and you can get the song here

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Abel Tesfaye, aka The Weeknd has released the video for his latest song The Hills which was produced by Mano and Illangelo. The video contains Abel Tesfaye as he walks down empty suburban street after the car crash.

The song first premiered live at this year's Coachella and this is the first single he's officially released since Earned It.

The Hills is available on Spotify and iTunes.

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Disclosure brothers made another comeback with a taste of their new music. They premiered their first official single called Holding On from their second album which is yet to be announced. Holding On features vocals from Grammy-winning jazz vocalist Gregory Porter. 

Speaking more about the upcoming album, brothers said that the record is nearly finished, however the tracklist is still to be discussed. The album will have quite similar concept as Settle with many collaborations and voices from other artists.

Find Holding On on Spotify and get it on iTunes

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This time I want to share with you more street style looks, especially when there are more people or a couple. When you have someone that you could trust by his/her sense of style and knowledge how to dress well, your style won't turn in a bad way. Have a person that you could ask any time for a fashion advice or help to browse in the stores. Trust me, it feels better when you're in the streets and both of you look at your best.

I love when people are trying to experiment with their look and not look like everyone else. If there is no dress code required in the place that you are going, why you need to stick to old style 'rules'? The suit doesn't have to be black or dark blue, you can wear brighter colours or in checked style fabric. There is no need for a tie if you do not want to but you can easily pick bright colour sunglasses to give more fun to your look.

Do not try to match everything with your couple when you are going somewhere. However, this time it looks all right. White casual shirt is definitely a must have for everyone this and every summer. Whether you are travelling or staying in the city during the warm weather, you can easily match it with any jeans or shorts and choose more interesting option for shoes like gladiator sandals. Because it is summer.

This one is my favourite looks at the moment and think most of the guys in London streets think the same way. Sports luxe trend is huge at the moment either in tumblr, runways or just in the streets. There are many ways how to rock this trend but this one is the most common one. You need to begin with bomber style jacket, find some nice looking sneakers but avoid all the trendy ones, than have loads of oversized and longline plain t-shirs and a pair of joggers or casual style loose trousers. This style is all about comfort, quality, sport inspirations and being casual. Do not try to much with accessories and other stuff as this is all about clean look and comfort.

Coat is the best statement piece that you can have during the winter season. You know that feeling when you dressed up your best outfit but you cannot show it outside because it is too cold outside to wear your coat or jacket open. Find a perfect coat that will add something to you signature look during the winter and try to look ahead of the fashion trends. It is never too early to start thinking how you want to look during winter.

If you stick to the style and the way theses guys dress in the photo, your style and clothes will be timeless and you won't have to bother listening if your clothes are not trendy. Remember, your style doesn't not have to be trendy or full of latest designer inspiration. Even if oversized especially grey coats were huge last winter and bomber jackets are still huge trend you can easily find one that will not be the same as others'. Try to match with plain clothes and do not have more than three colours in your outfit if you wanna create a  clean look.

It is fun to have matching clothes with your friend but sometimes you might look like you're from a rock band if  your outfits are too similar. It is nice to share similar taste in style with your friend but you need to have something that is yours so that people could easily recognise you from your style and not that you have a friend who dresses the same way. Nevertheless this look is one of the bests for summer in the city. All you need to have for this is good quality jeans and boots, loads of plain, basic t-shirts and a fine quality biker style leather jacket. And of course some confidence, because clothes are not enough for look good.


She is a promising R&B singer and songwriter from Oakland who just released her debut album You Should Be Here. Her first record is like a concept of focused exploration of relationships singer have been involved in.

After the release of the album she is becoming more and more recognisable on the media, many different producers loves her production and makes their own reworks and remixes of Kehlani's sound.

Listen to the remixes from above STWO, Djemba Djemba, Mike Gao, Gravez,
  Listen to Kehlani's album You Should Be Here 

One week until Jamie XX is going to release his first ever full length album In Colour and he is still making the huge hype by sharing another song. I Know There's Gonna Be (Good Times) featuring Young Thug & Popcaan is the latest song that is streaming before the album release.
Jamie XX was speaking about his influences and said that his solo music that he is showcasing will influence the sound of the new project for The XX.

Check the live dates from Jamie XX and pre-order In Colour
Make sure to listen to his previous singles Gosh and Loud Places

He is an electronic and R&B music artist from London, currently signed to PMR records and expecting to release his debut album later this August. Looking to the release of his self-titled debut record Dornik shared a lead single of the album called Drive. R&B, soul, a little bit of retro and funk blends together in a perfect chill out electronic sound.

Listen to previously released songs from Dornik and find more music on his Soundcloud
 Shoes are definitely one of the biggest addiction to people who are into fashion or just want to look good. Every season requires to have different styles of shoes for many occasions and it might look quite an expensive investment. However, if you know your style and things that you are definitely going to wear it might be easier to find best pair of shoes without spending loads of money. Knowing most common shoe sales and where to wear them will help you to manage your wardrobe, save money and most importantly look good. Let's have a look at most common shoe styles and what every man should have.

 Definitely a must have for autumn and winter season and for almost any occasion. Many different style of boots including chelsea, desert and regular boots are quite easy to match with any everyday wear look. For those of you who just starting to thinking about your style I suggest you to invest into black chelsea boots. Shoes with no laces and with a stretch panel can make a really simple look when you wear it with dark jeans or with your formalwear look. 

Chukka style boots like can really warm you during the colder season but it is still a must have for spring. If you choose your desert style shoes in a bright camel of beige colour you can definitely match it perfectly with indigo blue or bright blue jeans together with white oxford shirt on the top. 
Find your perfect style of boots and do not be afraid to spend some money on it. Real leather, high quality boots will definitely last longer than one season.

Every guy needs to have at least one pair of dress up shoes in his wardrobe. If your work doesn't require to wear a suit, it doesn't mean that you do not need to have formal wear shoes. Even if suits are not your style, there are some occasions that you need to dress up and shoes will always be one of the most important parts of your look. For the beginning have a look at oxford style shoes that are usually plain and have closed lacing. This style is the most formal for shoes so when picking up this style you won't fail. For a less formal look you can choose derby/blucher style shoes with open lacing or even monk style slip ons if you prefer shoes without the laces. All of those shoes comes in different colours, prints and styles and if you are not sure how to mix and match you look, try with navy blue and black colours.

If you want to make a casual look, you do need to wear sneakers all the time. There are much types of shoes for holidays, weekends and less formal occasions. You can choose leather, heavy soled shoes that would give a quite chunky appearance to your look and you could wear them any time of the season. Then you can think about moccasins or boat shoes if you do not like to put your feet into the laces. Those type of shoes are perfect for summer season, holidays and it goes really well either with shorts or trousers. Speaking more about summer, sandals and flip flops are irreplaceable holiday piece of clothing. But only for your holidays or anywhere where others can't see you. Last summer a huge trend started with people wearing slides with their sport style outfits. Most of them are wearing those shoes with socks, however, not everyone can pull this off. Anyway, for all types of sandals as well moccasins and boat shoes you need to leave your socks at home and do not make this mistake anywhere.

The biggest mistake that most of the people are doing is wearing athletic type of shoes outside the gym. Yes, most of them look really good with your clothes, but if you are really focusing on sports you need to get other shoes for everyday wear. Wearing gym shoes all the time will loose stability and support for your sneakers and it is more likely to get injury with worn out shoes. If you really love athletic brands you can easily find casual wear shoes that you could wear outside the gym. However, if you are looking for any basic sneakers from any brand, look at canvas style shoes. They are like Adidas Superstars or Converse sneakers with rubber sole and toe.

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He is a house music producer, DJ and a member of Silence Family label that manages the most creative Lithuanian electronic music artists. His smooth concept of his own house music fits perfectly with other contemporary electronic artists from Silence Family. He is making remixes for different artists, regular mixes for Silence Radio but mostly he is focusing on his own projects. Even tough he's been in the music industry only since 2011, his music is starting to be recognisable. His songs are featuring more often on the radio shows including BBC and his new EP Guilt has been already officially released.

I believe that after massively successful year of 2014 there is no need to introduce Ten Walls again. Formerly known as Mario Basanov he is currently releasing music via his own Boso records label. When he started to work under the name of Ten Walls, not only his name changed, there is another approach to music in his songs. His favourite deep house genre has more instrumental elements than ever before. 
Ten Walls' touring schedule have become even busier; he has played on Mixmag, BBC Radio 1 shows, peaked at official UK charts at 6th position and he constantly receives huge support from UKs BBC Radio1. His latest release Sparta includes two songs Sparta and Blue Orphan that will be definitely his next hits. It is quite difficult to predict the future for Ten Walls, however, with this huge dedication and hard working I believe he can achieve anything.

Few Nolder started his career back in 2006 with his first release of Patterns EP, followed by his critically acclaimed debut album on 2009. During the years he have worked in many different projects in Lithuania, performed live throughout Europe and remixed many different songs. His latests release via Boso Records is a four track EP called Clouds that received many positive reviews and it's going to put him into the global stage. His music is more often featured in different radio shows and he have already made a mix for a BBC Radio 1 show. What comes next for Few Nolder?

Vidis is and an electronic music producer, DJ and founder of the Silence Family, a record label, that started to change the way Lithuanians look into electronic and dance music. He produced many hits together with Mario Basanov, later on they released their debut album Changed. Even though we haven't heard any new production from Vidis, he isn't gone from the business, as he is still working with the artists on Silence label, last year he started an online radio show called Silence Radio.
Another fresh playlist for your years. Take some inspirations from Maribou State, Lone, Roisin Murphy, John Talabot, Ten Walls and many more artists featured in the playlist. Even tough I am not trying to make playlists by genres or moods, mostly trying to put different songs in one playlist, this time playlists has more deep house elements for easy listening. 

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this time instead of doing a selection of different style of outfits in street style inspirations I decided to make it all about leather. Leather jackets, leather joggers, boots, and any other clothing with leather details we will always see in street style fashion. It will never be old and always be in our wardrobes. When we speak about leather all we can image is a high quality and a long time investment because everything with leather and especially leather jackets may hurt your pocket but will be in your outfits for a long time.

This is a really smart monochrome look with black chinos, blazer with leather sleeves, with a white shirt and black and white Nike Flyknits. That type of outfit can wear anyone if there is a need to dress up for a special occasion but you do not want to look too smart. You can accessorise your look with a black hat or a high quality watch on your wrist. Be careful wearing sneakers if you're going to a special place as it might be not allowed, however, it doesn't mean that it is not the right choice. There so many different brands that make high quality sneakers that could be perfectly matched with your occasion wear outfit. But firstly, have a look in your wardrobe and your sneakers can be matched with your smart outfit.

 When you do not want to make your outfit too dark with your leather jacket and dark jeans the best option is to put a white t-shirt underneath. Especially during the spring season. You can make many different outfits with any type of jeans or sneakers. Choose jeans depending on your body shape and be careful matching other clothing with your leather jacket. It might look quite easy to match everything as leather jacket is very versatile piece of clothing. However, if you put a brand new shiny leather jacket with a worn out jeans or sneakers you will not look make a good look. I am not saying to wear everything new with your jacket but make sure that everything looks nice and fresh together.

This one is a very common look in London streets and I think in the rest of the world. Leather jacket together with a black or dark grey look can make a really casual and dark look when you are not in the mood for thinking what to wear. You can make a even better all-black look with a pair of black ripped denim jeans, sneakers or leather boots. 
Wearing a leather jacket it is not always about the black colour. You can perfectly match it with many different colours and make a light spring look. Denim jeans with the white sneakers and a white casual shirt goes really well together and you can find many alternatives in your wardrobe if you do not have the same items. Washed and ripped denim is huge at the moment and you can find them everywhere if you want to have not a regular pair of jeans. 

Those two outfits might be not for everyone but with leather jackets you can do whatever you want when making your outfits. Oversized and longer line t-shirts, tapered joggers,  skinny trousers with an overskirt and many more different pieces can work well together with your leather jacket. As long as you are comfortable of what you are wearing and feel good of being different. For this type of clothing you might need to have a look a independent labels or a special collections in the high street stores.

 All in leather, why not? However, you need to know if you can pull off this look as it might fit not for everyone. This look would be more for autumn season as leather trousers goes very well with oversized or longer length chunky jumpers. However, as an alternative for spring season you can put a white t-shirt instead of this jumper. You can buy a leather or leather look backpack if you feel bored of the usual ones and want to have something different. Have a look at Zara, they have loads of leather look backpacks there. And if the real leather trousers does not suit you, you can go for coated jeans, they are still a 'thing' in high street. They can be less shiny and be more suitable for everyone. 

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