On my blog when I speak about style I mention quite a lot about basic items and how people end up having many fashionable pieces but with no idea when to where them. I believe, that first it is necessary to have your own style and then experiment with all the trendy stuff. There is nothing bad about wearing all trendy and fashionable clothes, but you need to know the right time to wear this and when it's too much.  I believe some of you have the problem of having nothing to wear all the time. So if you want to build your own style, forget about the floral prints for a while. Investing into basics is always the right choice. You will want to wear all those clothes much longer than usual and you will be surprised by the amount of different outfits that you can make.

Leather jacket is one of those must have items for everyone. Never gets old and never gets boring. You can wear with mostly everything and for any occasion. Your pocket may be crying after purchasing it but that's undoubtedly a long time investment. However, if you already have one or have any other reasons not buying it you can go for a bomber jacket. Another timeless piece of clothing that can be worn mostly any time. It was started to develop in mid 50s, was brought back to collections couple years ago and it will definitely be wearing by everyone for a long time.

Plain doesn't mean being boring. White, black and grey are the most common colours when choosing basic tops, because they can easily go with anything. However, depending on the season you can pick more different colours and shades for your look. There can be many different ways how to style everything. You can wear sweatshirt and a white shirt underneath for a smarter look or with a longline shirt for a more casual style.


By saying high quality I do not mean high end designer shoes. It is enough to have sneakers that won't worn out after three months. If you want to invest in sneakers that you could wear longer than one season I suggest you avoid designs that every second person is wearing. By that I mean all the Huarcahe, Roshe Run, Air Max and many more trendy shoes that get massive popularity and then becomes boring. Instead of that have a look at older designs from Nike, Adidas Originals or New Balance, you will find a perfect, timeless pair of sneakers.

If you try to add more basic and timeless pieces into your style, you will see that it is easier to match everything together and create much more different looks. Later on you can easily add something more eye catching for yourself into your outfits. Remember to experiment with different looks until you see what works best on you and never try too much.

If you think that I did not mention something or you know which piece of clothing is definitely a must-have for everyone, share with me in the comments.


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