This is a second post about the street style looks and the favourite outfits I have found in  the last week. There are so many different places to discover street style and by the amount of choices it gets difficult to choose a perfect look by yourself. Randomly trying on yourself everything what you've liked on the internet will only use your time and money. 

However, you can follow my street style look updates for a selection of inspiration. I post the outfits that would fit mostly everyone and I give the suggestions where to find similar clothing and how to match with alternatives.

You can also check my last post about street style looks and choose your favourite style.

Three colour combination outfit makes a great, minimalistic everyday go-to look. I've been loving this look during this spring season. If you want to have a modern and timeless look, I suggest you to choose the outfit similar like this one. Less is definitely more and combining different minimalistic and basic pieces can make a totally fresh look for spring. However, if you feel that this look is too simple for you, feel free to add one statement piece of clothing to the outfit. A bomber jacket in brighter colour or more colourful sneakers can definitely liven up your look.

All of the clothing from this look you can easily find in most of the stores, however this time I would like to suggest some stores that offers a great variety of simple, minimal and clean look clothing. Firstly, check collections at COS, they always have loads of timeless pieces, mostly because they have never followed any trend. A bit more expensive than usual , but if you can wait for sale season, you can find loads of clothes for a really affordable price. (50% SALE is happening now).
ASOS is taking inspiration from Scandinavian style and running a ASOS WHITE collection whit minimalist styles and bold prints.

Another simple but a more trendy look for this spring season. Everything is not about skinny trousers or jeans. Not everyone likes them and skinny trousers are definitely not for everyone. We can see by ourselves that more people choose different fits of jeans rather than skinny. And the designer collections are showing us that soon we are coming back to straight or even loose fit type of trousers. Adding longer length oversized t-shirt with loose fit jeans makes a perfect casual look. Longer length tops are super trendy right now and I believe that it will stick in our looks longer than one season. It looks really good wherever you go, as long as it is not too long that can make you look like wearing a dress.

For this type of jeans I suggest you checking out Cheap Monday or Topman. They have loads of different jeans in many colours.
As I mentioned in my last post, ASOS has a huge choice of longer length clothing including t-shirts, shirts, sweatshirts etc. Even if you've already checked it, it is worth coming back again as they're constantly updating their collections.
And for the bag, if you don't know were to start looking, go to ASOS as well, you will definitely find something from hundreds of different bags.

Everyone knows how some sports clothing are comfortable, sometimes we could spent all day in sweats, however there is always a time and place for this type of look. I am not saying that only for  going to the gym but definitely NOT for a lunch in the city. In this look there are only two most common colours in sportswear that are grey and black. Always goes perfectly together. If you feel that a regular fit joggers are too boring, you can choose any other fit. There are so many different fits for joggers that you will find something for yourself. But spend some time finding what looks good for you because drop crotch or super skinny fit is not for everyone.

For a grey sweatshirt I suggest you to check H&M. They have huge choice of basic clothing and for really affordable price. 
However, if you wish to get something in different quality you can always check ZARA of ASOS. They even sell NIKE clothing, so you will definitely can find what you need.
Speaking about the trousers, drop crotch and tapered fit of joggers you can find at even at ZARA. Every season in their DARK collection, they make this type of trousers. However, if you are really into sportswear, do not waste your money into sports clothing from high street stores, you can never be disappointed by sports brands clothing quality.


White will always be one of the best colours for spring and summer seasons. It will always go perfectly with many different colours and in this case grey. This colour is very common during winter, especially if it is dark grey, however, you can perfectly work it out during spring/summer by adding more white into your look. Tailored grey joggers matched with white rain coat make a perfect combination together. If you live in place where even in the spring/summer is rainy, I suggest you investing into a good quality raincoat. You will be about the quality and how you can stay dry during the rain.

If you will be looking for a similar coat like this one I suggest you checking Urban Outfitters, ASOS or any other retailer who offers many different brands.
For grey trousers and white sneakers you can go anywhere, depending on how much money you would like to spend and which brand you like.



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