When we start speaking about sport clothes in our everyday wear we still have kind of unclear opinion about the sport style. There are some who still thinks that certain style of clothes have to be worn only in some places. For example joggers in the gym and jeans in the street. However, now everything changed completely. Sport style trend is everywhere because who doesn't want to wear super comfortable clothes and look good at the same time?

Almost every season in most of the designer shows we can even the small detail that in the collection are sport style inspirations. And later on we see similar inspirations in high street stores. Everything changed completely when people started to wear joggers not only when going to the gym, but everywhere. Then designers started created tailored joggers. More casual smart trousers that looks very similar like joggers and can be matched with a blazer.

Bringing more sport style clothing into you everyday look can be quite challenging. If you try too hard, you may look that you are going to the gym non-stop. Try not to wear the same clothes as you would  wear at the gym. Remember, that this is more about wearing casual and feeling good, rather than showing that you are constant gym-goer.  Sport brands have their separate collections for everyday wear so you can definitely find something for your.

Speaking about the matching your sport style clothing with other pieces, it may be quite tricky. You need to try different looks before finding out what works better for you. Joggers can be perfectly matched with leather jacket, but if put your worn-out trousers with a real leather jacket then I hope you went outside only for a cigarette. Everything works really well if you maintain your clothes in a good condition and their are fine quality. You won't make any mistakes, if you will be matching similar colour items.

Have a look at some inspirations of how others perfectly created their street style looks:

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