Hi everyone, today I would like to share my recent outfit. As I have started to write more fashion related posts on my blog I decided to share more of my own outfits. Even tough it is surprisingly warm in London, today I did not dress as I was going to the beach like everyone's around. I picked my favourite dark colours and created this outfit. I have just recently bought a tailored grey bomber style jacket from ASOS and today was a really good chance to put it on.
At the moment I am trying to put more white, grey and blue colours into my style, however in this outfit you will see mostly black.   

At the moment I am really addicted to ASOS, mostly because they have loads of different pieces for any style and occasion. I find most of the clothes there and it is really easy to do shopping. Once in a while they put promotions for students and everyone so the clothes are even more affordable. 
The shoes I am wearing are called Nike Roshe Run NM Safari, however, I do not believe that they are still available because when I bought them during the end of winter season they were already half price. However, you might find them online from resellers or you can check more Roshe Run styles, Nike have made loads of them.



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