So the summer is approaching really fast and most of you have already started to bring back all the colours to your wardrobe or you are still looking something new for the spring season look. However, I am not going to speak about which place has the best floral print shirts or which colours are the most popular this season. I am going to talk about my most favourite colour black and why there are no better colour than this. 

For those of you who think that wearing black can make you look boring, monotonous or even gloomy, I guess you've never tried wearing black or you just like to criticise everyone but yourself. Black clothes can make you more confident, fearless and mostly you look satisfied of yourself.

And the way how others will see you can be way different than usual. Black clothes can help you to bring a more smarter look, even if you are wearing ripped jeans with sneakers or a bomber jacket. It is more how you present your look by being confident in what you're wearing.

With black you can easily match any other colour, however nothing is as easy as it looks. Randomly picked colour or piece of clothing in your outfit can make you look kind of strange, so it is better to take your time and see what looks better for you.

If you think that the black colour is mostly for people who like to dress up smart, then I can show that with black colour you can do anything and dress up in any kind of style. You can perfectly look smart and sporty at the same time if you find the items that can perfectly match together and show your personality. Wether you want to look casual, or be dressed up for night out, black will always be the best option.

Some people may say that it is quite difficult to look different in one colour. But I can say that this is one of the biggest lies ever. There are so many different places where you can find very interesting items and even more you can do when you start matching all those pieces, even if they are black. So if you are saying that black colour clothes are boring, I guess you've never really tried to find something interesting. First of all, have a look on the internet, inspirations are everywhere.

Finally I want to suggest you to do not be afraid to wear only one colour in your outfits. It definitely won't look boring, you will only look different and better than others. Wear black, take your time while creating a perfect look or if there's no time, just know that black will always be the best option.

See you next time.

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