I Hope everyone's good and not tired of listening To Pimp a Butterfly and ready to see something new in my blog. I am going to start a new section where I will put my favourite outfits and street-style looks from the internet. I will try to find similar items from other high street brands that you can make your perfect look.


A classic MA-1 style bomber jacket is one of the best choice for casual sports look. Matched together with oversized or longer length t-shirt with black skinny jeans or skinny joggers makes a simple and clean monochrome look. Any sneakers can go with this look or in this case brogue style shoes. And do not forget a cap or a beanie to make a more badass look.

For a bomber jacket i definitely suggest checking ASOS or TOPMAN but if you prefer go for classics you need to check AlphaIndustries brand and their high quality bomber jackets.
For skinny jeans it can be easiest and at the same time the most difficult to find. The huge choice of jeans sometimes leads us to buying low quality jeans. Personally, for me TOPMAN jeans works the best.
Speaking about the shoes, if you are buying online, I suggest you to go to ASOS. The biggest choice of shoes I have ever seen in one place.


Another my favourite all-black look. All black never can be boring, as long as you can find perfect pieces to match your look. Leather bomber jacket together with longer length t-shirt and skinny jeans makes a perfect match for any occasion. Leather chukka boots gives a smarter look for the outfit.

There could be many places to find leather bomber jackets but there is one simple jacket from ASOS for a quite reasonable price.
Longer length t-shirt from a high street brand you can find anywere. Topman, ASOS, H&M and even ZARA started to make longer length t-shirts.


Yes, it is possible to have a smart and sport look at the same time. Biker style leather jacket matched with white oxford shit for a smart monochrome look. Leggings with shorts together with black and white sneakers for a sporty go-to look. Legging and shorts match are still super trendy everywhere and you can find them mostly everywhere. However, if you do not wish to wear this combination, you can match this look with smart joggers or jeans.

For a real leather biker style jacket I recommend do not try to save any money, because it is a long-term investment into your wardrobe. If you are looking for a similar one from this photo, have a look at Reclaimed Vintage leather jacket from ASOS.
White oxford style shirts you can buy everywhere, personally i recommend ZARA and ASOS.
I have never tried wearing leggings with shorts for go-to look, but that combination you can find at Topshop, ZARA and ASOS. 


Oversized and longline pieces are everything at the moment. Oversized long sleeve t-shirt together with leggings and shorts with white sneakers makes an ideal sports style look. Even though all the items are the same olive green colour, that doesn't mean that this look cannot be matched with other colours. Grey, white and black colour can make even better look.

For this oversized look outfit finding particular items can be quite tricky in the high street stores. Of course, you can find something in those shops, but for a bigger choice of similar oversized, clean and basic pieces it is better to have a look at independent brands. 
TRIKKI, ADYN, FEAR OF GOD and mostly REPRESENT CLOTHING. They are more expensive, but definitely worth investing.
However, if you do not wish to pay more, you can have a look at ASOS and their new introduced oversized and longer length line. Huge choice of clothes for perfect layering.

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