2014 11 23

Yesterday I went to O2 Academy Brixton to see BANKS performing live to support her debut album Goddess.
I have seen BANKS four times already and every time for me experience was completely different and unforgettable. From the supporting act at The Weeknd's Kissland tour one year ago she managed to perform in a sold out show in Brixton in front of 5000 people.

On her UK tour she already had three shows including Birmingham, Glasgow, London and the last gig will kick in Manchester 25th November.

A video posted by Tomas Strelciunas (@strelciunas) on

A video posted by Tomas Strelciunas (@strelciunas) on

Since the last time I have seen her at Lovebox festival she had already released her debut album Goddess with some songs that we never heard before.
Sadly, not all the songs from the album were played last night, but he added to her set-list songs like And I Drove You Crazy, Fuck Em Only We Know, Stick, Beggin For Thread.

BANKS show started with some technical issues during the song Alibi when her mic wasn't on, however, she managed the situation very good and started all over again.

A video posted by Sam Kelley (@samkelley54) on

A video posted by Sam Kelley (@samkelley54) on

During the show BANKS played most of her biggest songs including Waiting Game, Warm Water, Drowning, Brain etc.
She closed her show with Begging For Thread and during the encore she singed a cover of Drake's song Motion and the last song was Stick. 

During the concert BANKS was full of energy that she gave to the crowd. Her energy, charm and vocals made a unforgettable show for everyone.

listen to her latest single Beggin For Thread

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