Lil Silva, real name TJ Carter is one of the UK's most inventive DJs and producers. As a 24 year old artist he stepped up as songwriter and vocalist working with many different artists.
He had collaborations with Jamie Woon, Sampha, Rosie Lowe and in particular BANKS.
The relationship with BANKS started when she emailed him the track that became a song Work. Lil Silva became one of the main producers on her forthcoming debut album Goddess.
This recently released EP album was recorded between studios in London and LA and the album includes two collaborations with BANKS.

Mabel tracklist
1 First Mark
2 Kimmy
3 Don't You Love (feat BANKS)
4 Mabel
5 Right For You (feat BANKS)

Lil Silva's EP is already out and you can get it here

This is what Lil Silva thinks about his record

“There are a lot of producers making different tracks to their usual sound, but they don’t 

put them out there because they’re too worried what people will think”

“But that’s I want to hear. I have no idea how people are going to take this record. But 

this is precious. This is me”

Listen to Don't You Love (feat BANKS) and Mabel

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