The London - based duo Jungle premiered their video for a song Time. This video is an appropriate teaser for the band's forthcoming full -length, self-titled debut album.

enjoy the video below
Jungle is due to release on 15th of July via XL records. 
Now everyone can stream the album for free via iTunes.

This record is one of the most anticipated albums of the year and it has already received many positive reviews from critics.
I have already had a listen to the album and it is definitely worth all the hype and of course to buy.

The album's tracklisting is in full below:

1 The Heat
2 Accelerate
3 Busy Earnin'
4 Platoon
5 Drops
6 Time
7 Smoking Pixels
8 Julia
9 Crumbler
10 Son of a Gun
11 Lucky I Got What I Want
12 Lemonade Lake

enjoy the live performance of the song Time by Jungle at Glastonbury 2014

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