Hi everyone
 Welcome to the new feature that I would like to introduce to you - monthly playlists.
Maybe they will be updated more often than a month, it depends how many amazing tracks I will discover.

Lately I have been founding more and more music that I would like to share with you but I do not have enough time to write a post for every single song. So I decided to put all the music that I have been listening lately in one place and share with you guys.
I will definitely keep up writing news about music releases and artists so that you can enjoy all the fresh music from everywhere.

This playlist, especially first half of it is perfectly made for summer. 
Summer songs, club and dance songs, chillout, and alternative electronic music songs are on this playlist. You can listen the playlist below or if you want to find the separate songs you can visit my SOUNDCLOUD account

p.s. don't forget to check my TUMBLR BLOG. New posts every day.


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