Ta-Ku is an instrumental hip-hop and electronic music producer, remixer from Perth, Australia, who started his career in 2008. In 4 years time he evolved from a self-thought music student into a progressive beat producer.

In 2008 he was invited to the prestigious Red Bull Music Academy in Barcelona where he gained more experience and motivation into the creation process. That was a challenging, but a breakthrough moment for Ta-Ku. 
Within two years of his return from RBMA he had become regular and well-known artist on blogs and social websites.

 His music consist of various elements of instrumental hip hop beats, experimental music and r&b. In many of his songs he invites talented vocalists to join him in his beautiful creation process of music. 

Songs To Break Up To is the best known Ta-Ku's record 28th of October 2013. The album consist of 10 songs about love, break ups and broken hearted people. But it is not only for listening when you broke up with someone, this record is perfect for a quiet walk at night.

You can listen 5 songs from the album for free on Soundcloud below.

About one month ago Ta-Ku released unofficial remix of Disclosure's Help Me Lose My Mind, however, the label asked him to remove his remix, so now we have only instrumental version called Knightime.

Ta-Ku does a lot of remix works for other artists. He works a lot with Chet Faker, Flume, Aluna George, Banks, Childish Gambino.

Listen to some remixes from Ta-Ku.

Ta-Ku for me is one of the most favourite and inspiring producers and electronic music maker of all time. 

I hope you guys will enjoy his music as much as I enjoy it everyday.

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