Travis Stewart better known as Machinedrum is an American electronic music producer and performer who is participating in Adult Swim single series this summer. 

After the the release of Vapor City from 2013, Machinedrum comes back with Want Me. Machinedrum uses piano chords and a bit of singing creating a musical and emotional effect.

Adult swim series bagan last week together with Italian artist Giorgio Moroder, while this weeks entry is Californian dance producer Machinedrum. This year's series will include 16 singles, all of them represents underground electronic music. 

This year highlights would be Giorgio Moroder, ATlien Future and Ninja Tuner, Machinedrum, Tim Hecker and many more.

Full schedule you can check below.

June 9th – Giorgio Moroder
June 16th – Machinedrum
June 23rd – Destruction Unit
July 4th – Fatima Al-Qadiri
July 7th – Tim Hecker
July 14th – Speedy Ortiz
July 21st – Sleep
July 28th – Future (w/animated video)
August 4th – Diarrhea Planet
August 11th – Oozing Wound
August 18th – Captain Murphy
August 25th – Deafheaven
September 1st – RP Boo
September 8th – Mastodon Feat. Gibby Haynes
September 15th – Run The Jewels
September 22nd – KA

All of those singles will be totally free to download for everyone through their web, Soundcloud and Youtube pages. 

Listen to my favorites from Machinedrum

By the way, Machinedrum works a lot with Azealia Banks, he produced many of her songs. For instance, he used his songs Van Vogue and DDD working with Azealia. She raped over his music and released two songs in her 1991 EP.

Listen to Azealia's Banks song 1991
Van Vogue


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