Matt Cutler, better known as Lone is an electronic music producer from UK. 
In early 2012 Lone released his debut album Galaxy Garden.It received many positive reviews from BBC, Pithcfork and Mixmag saying that this album was the strongest Lone's release.

Now, Lone returns with a new long play album Reality Testing which is due to release on 16 of June. I am pleased to share with you the full Lone's album. 
Album includes previously released tracks like 'Airglow Fires' and 'Begin to Begin. The music for this album was inspired by hip-hop, old Detroit techno and old Chicago house music. 
Reality Testing is full of experimental electronic sounds with the references from hip-hop and 90s rave music.

For me this album is a perfect music playlist for long and hot summer days on a beach or wherever you want to relax.

Reality Testing:

1 First Born Seconds
2 Restless City
3 Meeker Warm Energy
4 Aurora Northern Quarter
5 2 is 8
6 Airglow Fires
7 Coincidences
8 Begin To Begin
9 Jaded
10 Vengeance Video
11 Stuck
12 Cutched Under

For me Lone is one of the most exciting producers in UK electorinc music scene and definately one to watch for the future.

He is been working not only for his own music but also with other musicians. He was working with Azealia Banks while he was producing a song 'Liquorice' for US rapper. Azealia sanged and raped over Lone's 'Pineapple Crush' in her 1991 EP. Another collaboration they had was when Azealia Banks sampled Lone's track 'Aquamarine' for her song 'Count Contessa'.

Listen to 'Count Contessa' and 'Liquorice' by Azealia Banks

Listen to my favorites from Lone

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