After the last full-length album Arabian Horse, GusGus are finally came back with their latest record Mexico. Arabian Horse exceeded all expectations and ranks among the biggest best-sellers in recent years. Hopefully, Mexico will follow Arabian Horse success and will extend the fan-base for legendary Icelandic dance music group GusGus.

Honestly, after waiting quite a long time to hear new music from GusGus I was expecting to hear so much more. I am not saying that they have disappointed me, but after listening the full album couple of times I can remember only first four songs of this record. Those would be previously released Crossfade and Obnoxiously Sexual, Another Life, Sustain, however, the second part of the album is less memorable after first listening.

Listen to my favorites from Mexico
 Mexico may not be a record from GusGus' golder era, but it definitely shows that the Icelandic dance veterans are not looking back in the past, they always tries to create something new and different. Mexico shows that GusGus has changed, has matured and moved on to the the new dance music era.

Stream all the song previews from Mexico below.

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