Marc Kinchen, also known as MK is an American DJ and house music producer based on LA. Now he is a very big in house music industry, he is very well known from his remixes, however, he is not a new guy in the house music scene. MK is active since 1989 when he started creating dance music. During the 1993 and 1994 he hit the charts with his number one songs  'Always' and Love Changes' featuring the lead vocals from Alana Simon.

listen the newest remix of  'Always' from Route 94

During the 90s he was working behind the scenes with the likes of Jay - Z and Beyonce. In 2013 he came back to the spotlight with his house music and remix production. For instance, his remix for 'Look Right Through' became a number one on the UK Singles Chart.

At the moment his production is mostly known from the remixes. Latest remixes include Lana Del Rey, Sky Ferreira, Ellie Goulding, Lee Foss and Tricky. However he is not releasing any music for his own discography but the latest single was together with Lee Foss.

listen to 'Electricity'

MK now is definitely the most productive he has ever been, he started to make his own DJ sets and play in the clubs around the world. Lets hope he will step back from DJing and will show some his own material releasing his single or even the album.

Listen to my favourites

Everything Is Embarrassing

Turn It Around

you can visit his own SOUNDCLOUD page and find more great music.

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