This is not a music genre neither a tropical rainforest but an electronic music duo from UK. BBC called them masters of mystery because everything that we know about them is that the duo consists of artists who grew up as neighbours in West London, they called themselves J and T.

They have been building a huge fan base without revelling they names or even faces. Last year their first London show was sold out in less than 24 hours.

They released two singles by XL recordings 'The Heat' and 'Platoon'. Both singles became huge success for them. Thanks to mesmerizing and attention - grabbing videos. However, since then we haven't heard anything new from them. Jungle said that their work is build on friendship and creative process rather than working towards the deadline. That is why their debut album is long anticipated.

Jungle's debut long play album is due to release on 14 of July.

''Right on time,
Back by the Beach,
Still gon' bring the heat.''

listen and watch 'Platoon'

listen and watch 'The Heat'

listen to their first single 'Time' from the upcoming album

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