Last friday Jamie XX came back to BBC Radio 6 for the second time with his latest mix. In two hours time he played his favorite sounds together with his new music.

He dropped some songs from Nicolas Jaar, Four Tet, Gil Scott-Heron, Dj Rashad and Missy Elliot. He have also mixed his new single Girl with Missy Elliott's Work It.

Ever since he started to play with his band The XX, Jamie has been one of the most talked about music producers. His production for latest The XX album Coexist gave a lot of positive acclaim from fans, music critics and other artists.

In 2011 Jamie re-worked Gill Scott-Heron's final album and released a remix album 'We're New Here'. He released two singles from the album 'NY is Killing Me' and 'I'll Take Care of U'.
In the last 6 mix on friday he made a tribute to his beloved artists and played a Dj Rashad's remix of Gill Scott-Heron's 'Home is Where the Hatred Is' and said ''Rest in peace, both of them.''

Listen to the whole mix right HERE

Listen to the previous Jamie's 6 mix from last December

listen to I'll Take Care of U 

listen to NY is Killing Me

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