This is one of those times when I found the remix version of the song much more interesting than the original version. This time Lana Del Rey - West Coast. I have nothing bad to say about the original song because I haven't listened to it properly. It is just that I have found several very exciting remixes that I would like to share with you.

After making a debut last summer with Disclosure's co-produced J.A.W.S EP, Andy Smith, better known as Lxury is back with another release. This time he released his own music while working with dance-pop label Greco Roman.

Playground EP consists of four songs which are absolute treat to us. Playground creates a beautiful vibe perfect for this year's summer. This EP is absolutely exciting collection of Lxury's music full of fun and vibrant sounding.

1. playground
2. company
3. raid
4. permanent power

Lxury has proven for everyone that he can create a beautiful dance music which will sound perfectly everywhere. This music will sound right to listen at home or at any summer festival.

Speaking about summer concerts, Lxury has already announced his own DJ set concert tour in Europe.
24/05 - Greco-Roman @ Prince Charles - Berlin, Germany
31/05 - Greco-Roman Launch Party - London
05/06 - Distortion - Copenhagen, Denmark
15/06 - Greco-Roman Off Sonar - Barcelona, Spain
20/06 - Greco-Roman, Social Club - Paris, France
21/06 - Kitsune Party @ Oval Space - London
18/07 - Slottsfjell - T√łnsberg, Norway
26/07 - Secret Garden Party - UK
15/08 - Dockville - Hamburg, Germany
16/08 - Klear Festival - Amsterdam, Netherlands 

The playground EP was released on 19th of may and it is available via iTunes here or you can listen the title track and EP Sampler via Soundcloud.

Listen to the title song Playground

Listen to EP sampler

This is not a music genre neither a tropical rainforest but an electronic music duo from UK. BBC called them masters of mystery because everything that we know about them is that the duo consists of artists who grew up as neighbours in West London, they called themselves J and T.

They have been building a huge fan base without revelling they names or even faces. Last year their first London show was sold out in less than 24 hours.

They released two singles by XL recordings 'The Heat' and 'Platoon'. Both singles became huge success for them. Thanks to mesmerizing and attention - grabbing videos. However, since then we haven't heard anything new from them. Jungle said that their work is build on friendship and creative process rather than working towards the deadline. That is why their debut album is long anticipated.

Jungle's debut long play album is due to release on 14 of July.

''Right on time,
Back by the Beach,
Still gon' bring the heat.''

listen and watch 'Platoon'

listen and watch 'The Heat'

listen to their first single 'Time' from the upcoming album

BANKS has shared her latest song from highly-anticipated debut album 'Goddess'.
The brand new song is called Drowning and shows her smooth vocals together with minimalistic electronic sound. The LA singer as always shows emotional and heartbreaking lyrics. Drowning is not exception. ''From the girl who made you soup and tied your shoes when you were hurting/You were not deserving''.

Drowning is another promising preview of her forthcoming full length album Goddess which is due to release on 9th of September.

Listen to Drowning

To know how the sound of the upcoming BANKS' album, listen to Brain and Goddess below.




Marc Kinchen, also known as MK is an American DJ and house music producer based on LA. Now he is a very big in house music industry, he is very well known from his remixes, however, he is not a new guy in the house music scene. MK is active since 1989 when he started creating dance music. During the 1993 and 1994 he hit the charts with his number one songs  'Always' and Love Changes' featuring the lead vocals from Alana Simon.

listen the newest remix of  'Always' from Route 94

During the 90s he was working behind the scenes with the likes of Jay - Z and Beyonce. In 2013 he came back to the spotlight with his house music and remix production. For instance, his remix for 'Look Right Through' became a number one on the UK Singles Chart.

At the moment his production is mostly known from the remixes. Latest remixes include Lana Del Rey, Sky Ferreira, Ellie Goulding, Lee Foss and Tricky. However he is not releasing any music for his own discography but the latest single was together with Lee Foss.

listen to 'Electricity'

MK now is definitely the most productive he has ever been, he started to make his own DJ sets and play in the clubs around the world. Lets hope he will step back from DJing and will show some his own material releasing his single or even the album.

Listen to my favourites

Everything Is Embarrassing

Turn It Around

you can visit his own SOUNDCLOUD page and find more great music.

Last friday Jamie XX came back to BBC Radio 6 for the second time with his latest mix. In two hours time he played his favorite sounds together with his new music.

He dropped some songs from Nicolas Jaar, Four Tet, Gil Scott-Heron, Dj Rashad and Missy Elliot. He have also mixed his new single Girl with Missy Elliott's Work It.

Ever since he started to play with his band The XX, Jamie has been one of the most talked about music producers. His production for latest The XX album Coexist gave a lot of positive acclaim from fans, music critics and other artists.

In 2011 Jamie re-worked Gill Scott-Heron's final album and released a remix album 'We're New Here'. He released two singles from the album 'NY is Killing Me' and 'I'll Take Care of U'.
In the last 6 mix on friday he made a tribute to his beloved artists and played a Dj Rashad's remix of Gill Scott-Heron's 'Home is Where the Hatred Is' and said ''Rest in peace, both of them.''

Listen to the whole mix right HERE

Listen to the previous Jamie's 6 mix from last December

listen to I'll Take Care of U 

listen to NY is Killing Me


Lxury aka Andy Smith is a London-based producer, artist and DJ. Last year he made a debut with his song J.A.W.S on Disclosure's essential mix. This song was co-produced by Disclosure and received a lot of positive reviews. For example Pitchfork named J.A.W.S Best New Track.

Lxury recently has signed to Imagem Music UK record label. He makes fantastic and original dance music and he will be a huge artist in electronic music genre in the future.

Listen to J.A.W.S and We Do by Lxury

I think there is no need to explain a lot who is Disclosure because they are everywhere. Anyway , if someone does not know them there are some facts about them.

They are two British brothers who are producing house and UK garage
They almost won a Grammy for Best Dance/ Electronica album. However, they did not win.
They are putting on painted faces everywhere
Their debut album single Settle was number one at UK
They have already plaied in the biggest worldwide music festivals

Anyway, you need to know them not from the facts but from their production, so that is why I am going to share my favourites from Disclosure. There will be more non album songs and remixes.

Disclosure x Friend Within - The Mechanism

Sam Smith x Nile Rodgers x Disclosure x Jimmy Napes - Together


Jessie Ware - Running (Disclosure remix)
What's in Your Head

Artur Dodger - Please Don't Turn Me On (Disclosure remix)

FULL SET at Pitchfork music festival in Paris 

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