hello everyone and Welcome To The Jungle

this is a totally new place for everyone who is interested in news about music, concerts, festivals and new artists. 

my personal biography is not necessary but if you want to know something about me and to look at my face you can always check me on facebook or instagram accounts.

I have always wanted to started writing my personal blog to share everything that I am interested in. However, maybe I was too lazy or I did not have enough guts to start such thing. Anyway, during the time I am going to add more pages to my blog including Fashion and Cinematography but now it is time to share with you my most important thing MUSIC.

during my whole life my personal music taste has
 been constantly changing and many people always find it kind of extraordinary in some ways.
but to better know about my personal music taste I suggest you to check my soundcloud and last.fm accounts. The last one is my favourite. On last.fm you can check exactly how many times you listen to particular artist or song. To discover new artists is even more easier than in other websites. You constantly get a lot of recommendations with new and popular artists.

i think it is enough for now. less talking more music.

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